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A UNESCO heritage site since 1999, Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli is a remarkable expression of the personality of Emperor Hadrian, who had the villa built between 118 and 138 A.D. Grandiose buildings, water lilies, baths and libraries are some of the enchanting features on a tour that begins to reveal one of the most eccentric personalities of Roman history. An enthusiast of art, poetry and architecture, Hadrian made his suburban villa a refuge from the chaos and intrigue of the city; a world built in his image. It is believed that the emperor contributed personally to the planning of the villa, which is notably different from the Roman architecture of that time. Hadrian’s desire for the villa to reflect his many interests means that today we can find references to religion, Greece, Egypt (a land much loved by Hadrian), philosophy and literature. Among the most evocative parts of the villa is the Canopus, inspired by a canal that connected the city of that name with Alexandria on the Nile delta, and designed to host great open-air banquets, enlivened and refreshed by sprays of water from the fountains that surrounded the guests: also not to be missed is the Maritime Theatre, a unique piece of architecture, the Theatre is located on an artificial island accessible via a rotating wooden structure, almost as if the emperor wanted to retreat here in search of absolute tranquillity.




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