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In a city that is so predominantly renaissance and baroque as Rome, it is difficult to find reminders of the medieval centuries. The few buildings, frescoes and mosaics remaining therefore represent precious and rare testimonies to a period that is rich in history and waiting to be encountered. The Basilica of St. John Lateran, which today boasts a superb baroque interior, in reality has far more ancient origins: it was the first Basilica to be constructed in Rome, requested by the Emperor Constantine who had recently converted to Christianity following victory over Maxentius. This grandiose complex included the Basilica and also a magnificent residential complex, the Patriarcho, which for centuries was the seat of the Roman Pope. During the visit we will be able to see how the complex evolved over the centuries and we can admire some notable treasures: the splendid 13th century cloister, which is among the most beautiful in the city; the fragment of the fresco attributed to Giotto, one of the greatest painters of the medieval period in Italy; the apse and its medieval appearance that was, nevertheless, completely altered during a modern intervention. Outside the cathedral we will visit the baptistery in which, according to tradition, Emperor Constantine was baptised and on to the building that houses the Scala Sancta [the Holy Stairs], transported from Jerusalem and believed to be the steps climbed by Jesus Christ during his Passion on his way to trial. In this space there is also another genuine treasure, the medieval Sancta Sanctorum Chapel, also referred to as ‘the Holy of Holies’. Nearby the Lateran Basilica is the Basilica of San Clemente. Architecturally speaking the Basilica is a three-tiered complex of buildings, each corresponding to a distinct period in history. The Basilica is also home to a fresco containing the oldest existing inscription in the Italian language. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati and the oratory that still houses an entire cycle of pictures dedicated to the Emperor Constantine.Includes:


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Starts: 9:30 or 15:00

Ends: 12:30 or 18:00

Duration: 3 hours



Group: Max 6 adults

Private: Max 6 adults

Group Price: NA


Private Price: 240€

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piazza S. Giovanni Laterano 4