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Formerly the site of the preparatory school "Massimiliano Massimo", the building was constructed in 1883-87 by Camillo Pistrucci in imitation of the noble residences of the early Roman baroque period. Exhibited in the central hall are works that illustrate the political and ideological program of Augustus, including the statue of Augustus dressed as the Pontifex Maximus from the Via Labicana and the pictorial frieze of the noble sepulchre from the Esquiline hill. The visit starts from the first floor offering iconographic works from the Age of the Flavians to the late Empire, with examples of the decorations used on imperial villas and aristocratic residences. In the section featuring the physical activities related to gymnasiums and public baths, visitors can admire two copies of the Discus Thrower by Myron. The following section holds important sarcophagi, including an oval-shaped work from Acilia. In the second floor we admire an in-depth documentation on mosaic and pictorial decorations from the Ist cent. B.C. to the late Imperial Age. Finally, on the basement level, a rich coin collection is displayed, including extremely rare pieces, such as the medaillon of Theodoric, the silver piasters of the Pontifical State with views of Rome snd the four ducats of Pope Paul II. The exhibition is completed by a section on luxury in the Roman world, featuring a rich selection of jems and jewels.



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Starts: 9:30 or 15:00

Ends: 12:30 or 18:00

Duration: 3 hours



Group: Max 6 adults

Private: Max 6 adults

Group Price: NA

Private Price: 240€

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piazza dei Cinquecento 67