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Just a few kilometres from the centre of the town the excavations of Ancient Ostia provide an insight into the daily life of this settlement, founded, according to tradition, by Ancus Marcius, the legendary fourth King of Rome. The Theatre, the forum, the temples and the storerooms, the insulae and the baths today appear as they did originally, taking us back in time to the era of Imperial Rome. Constructed on the estuary of the River Tiber, the first archaeological findings of Ostia suggest origins dating back to around the fourth century B.C. (although the legendary founder of the town, King Ancus Marcius lived around three hundred years before), when the area was established as a military outpost. This excellent strategic position allowed the control of the surrounding area and, in particular, access to the river, a feature that led Ostia to become an extremely important river port and a stop-off point for all of the merchandise destined for the city of Rome. Over time the town grew and became increasingly important as a trading post: this change led to the construction of new buildings, stores and granaries, but also of monumental sites, such as the forum, a Capitolium temple, a theatre and new insulae – real condominiums that housed families. During the visit we will try to introduce all of these diverse facets of Ostia, visiting locations of commercial and religious activity, the political centre of the city with the forum and the Cardo Massimo [main street], the baths, the markets. The rooms of the museum of Ostia, part of the itinerary, also exhibit a large quantity of material discovered during the excavations including a fascinating series of imperial portraits.




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