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This Tour visits two little know catacombs, Sant'Agnese and Santa Priscilla. Far from the tourist crowds, we think these sites are the most preserved, representative and fascinating catacombs in Rome, with their religious, cultural and artistic heritage almost intact. The Tour starts in Santa Agnese, where a very large basilica was built some metres from the present church in the 4th century, to which was attached the large private mausoleum for Constantina, the daughter of Constantine I. The mausoleum was later converted into a church, which survives and is now known as Santa Costanza (she was venerated as a saint, even though she was not one officially). It contains very important 4th century mosaics, especially large areas of ceiling in a secular style, but also two small apse mosaics, one including an early depiction of Jesus in what has become the standard style of long fair hair and a halo. The large basilica decayed during the decline of Rome, and was replaced in the 7th century by the present much smaller church, commissioned by Pope Honorius I. The catacombs are on three levels, dating from the 2nd to the 5th centuries. The Tour moves than to the catacomb of Priscilla on the Via Salaria, situated in what was a quarry in Roman times. This quarry was used for Christian burials from the late 2nd century through the 4th century. Some of the walls and ceilings display fine decorations illustrating Biblical scenes. The Priscilla catacombs contain the oldest known Marian paintings, from the early third century. Mary is shown with Jesus on her lap. The catacomb also has a depiction of the Annunciation. The guide will lead your walk in the labyrinthic corridors and rooms where early christians celebrated Masses and buried their deads. All the practices related to the catacombs and their historical relevance in late antiquity and in later times will be discussed.




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Starts: 9:30 or 15:00

Ends: 12:30 or 18:00

Duration: 3 hours



Group: Max 4 adults

Private: Max 4 adults

Group Price: NA

Private Price: 300€

Meeting Point:


Piazza Esedra corner with

via Nazionale