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A visit to the heart of the ancient city, among temples, meeting places and triumphal arches evokes images of Senators, soldiers, matrons and orators, walking together with us today and accompanying us from the Forum to one of the most exceptional buildings in the Eternal City, the Colosseum, with its rich history of gladiators, slaves and ferocious animals, and also cruelty, discipline and clemency. Our visit begins on the site that over the centuries has become the symbol of the city, the Colosseum. Built by the Emperors of the Flavian dynasty, the amphitheatre (the name by which it is known today is attributed only to the medieval period) represented a genuine gift to the citizens of Rome. Not only did the construction of the amphitheatre donate to the population an area which for years was occupied by the Domus Aurea, Nero’s sumptuous residence, it also offered the citizens thrilling and evocative shows: they could see hunters at work hunting strange and bizarre animals (ancient writers spoke of ostriches and elephants, certainly not well-known creatures at the time) and scenes recreated in minute detail, amazing mock-up naval battles, but, above all, they could cheer on the gladiators, the real stars of the era, loved and envied by women and men. But who were the gladiators really and what were the rules of combat? How did they live? What weapons did they use? Where did they train? During the tour we will endeavour to reveal the secrets of these fighters that have achieved legendary status, while keeping a wide berth, however, of the stories told in films and novels. Moving on we will visit the area that witnessed the birth and development of the Roman civilization: the forum. Political, social, religious and economic heart of the Roman Republic, some of the most ancient places of worship can be found in the forum and visitors can still glimpse the remains of venerable temples such as that of Castor and Pollux or Vesta, where the sacred flame burned constantly, attended by the Vestal Virgins; or the seat of the Senate, still perfectly preserved; the Basilica of Maxentius, one of the largest buildings in the area; and the triumphal arches dedicated to Titus and Septimius Severus, reliefs on these recount the stories of the wars fought and won by the two emperors. 


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Starts: from 9:00 am 3:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours




Kid Friendly: Yes
Disabled Friendly: Yes
Maximum travelers: 8

260€ per group



Admission fee and Skip the line tickets:

€ 30,00 per person over 18

€ 15,00 er person under 18 

At the exit of the Colosseo subway station (Metro B) next to newsstand or at your Hotel